James Harris is the Director of Laugh Factory TV and was the head writer for the Laugh Factory’s new TV show, Laugh Factoy…Very Funny, scheduled to air on TBS.

James was the humor columnist for the National Enquirer. His two columns, Laugh Track and Scandal Meter, ran weekly and he contributed regularly to special features. His columns were comprised of jokes and humorous observations about celebrities and entertainment news.

James is an accomplished screenwriter and comedian. He wrote his first script when he was an undergraduate student at Brandeis University. The script was sold and produced by an independent production company. The movie, Sex and Bullets, is available on DVD and VHS, and stars Judd Nelson, Seymour Cassel, and Joe Viterelli. James was also cast in the movie to play one of the leading roles.

After graduating college, James moved back to New York, and he quickly landed his first TV writing job. He was hired to write for The Race News Network, a show in development at Showtime. It was a comedy/variety show about race relations and racial news in America, created by Warrington Hudlin, the producer of House Party and Boomerang.

Armed with a quick wit and a remarkable ability to improvise, James was asked to host the web cast of VH-1’s PETA’s Millennium Gala, where he interviewed Paul McCartney, Bob Costas, Pam Anderson, and many other celebrities. He was then hired by HBO to write, direct and star in a short film series for their web site. Most recently, James has appeared on VH-1 as a commentator for their “The Greatest…” series.

James is the writer and host of a daily podcast called “J Bo’s Daily Hello D’ehr.” The podcast can be heard on itunes and features James doing a monologue of jokes about that day’s news and current events. James is also the creator, writer, star and director of LA’s hit sketch show, ‘Hoodzpah! ‘Hoodzpah features the best comedians performing their stand up and acting in short videos written and directed by James. James’ shorts can be viewed on ifilms and on his web site www.jamesharrisonline.com.

James is one of the country’s most prolific joke writers. He has written jokes for Michael Richards, Yakov Smirnoff and many other prominent comedians. A stand-up comic himself, James headlines clubs and colleges all across the country.

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